Burn & Tone

45 minutes
Burn fat & tone up with this strength class. Perform different exercises, some body weight and others using equipment.


45 minutes
Mixed classes are for males & females.
All other classes are female only.

Express 30

30 minutes
High intensity interval training designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness & torch calories.

Stretch & Flex

45 minutes
Improve flexibility, balance, posture and mobility with a stretching and relaxation class. Suitable for all fitness levels, exercises can always be modified to suit your needs.
*Please bring a mat to use*


45 minutes
A low impact exercise performed on a mat that works the whole body. Particularly targets the abdominal muscles, lower back, hip and glutes. Improve flexibility, strength, endurance, balance and body awareness. Suitable for all fitness levels. 10 people maximum per class.

Being strong will improve your quality of life.


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